Online Survey Results

Congratulations to Lori Stueck, the winner of our $100 Cool City Cash prize!

CivicBrand’s city-wide survey has officially wrapped, generating a total of 115 responses from residents throughout the Two Rivers community.

Participants were notified of the survey through the use of Facebook, both organically on Two Rivers’ Facebook page and as paid social ads. 


Organic Facebook Post

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The survey asked residents of Two Rivers to share their stance and opinions on Two Rivers and its surrounding cities. Below are the results we found:

What 3 words do you think describe Two Rivers?

When asked what words came to mind to describe Two Rivers, those surveyed gravitated towards words surrounding the city’s waterfront location (beach, lake, fishing) and its smalltown feel (quaint, friendly, safe).

Both themes continued to bleed over throughout the rest of the survey, with a majority of respondents sharing that they interpreted the visual style of Two Rivers as a “quaint beach town.”

Manitowoc, Green Bay, and Door County were determined to be the largest competitors to Two Rivers in terms of visitors, residents, and businesses.

Participants were also asked to provide three descriptor words for a list of preselected nearby cities. The survey results showed that many of these cities boasted similar themes and keywords, while others had more unique opinions:

  • Manitowoc: Growing, Industrial, Shopping
  • Sheboygan: Shopping, Growing, Kohler
  • Port Washington: Quaint, Fishing, Port
  • Cedarburg: Quaint, Shopping, Historic
  • Door County: Expensive, Touristy, Scenic

Which option do you think most appropriately describes Two Rivers?

Home is clearly where the heart is in Two Rivers. Over 32% of participants recall fond memories here, considering the city to be “nostalgic”, followed by “old”, and “vintage”.

Residents of this city hold its picturesque, small-town charm very dear. 37% of respondents would describe Two Rivers as “quaint”, followed by 27% who considered the area to be “scenic”.

Which option do you think most appropriately describes Two Rivers?

It is clear that the water plays a large part in the spirit of Two Rivers. When asked how residents categorized the type of waterfront town their city is, an overwhelming majority considered it to be a “Beach Town”, followed by a near 20% tie between “Lake Town” and “Fishing Town”.

Those relaxed beach vibes continued to make its way across the survey. Nearly 50% of respondents considered “outdoor leisure” to be the most fitting word to describe Two Rivers’ demeanor, while 35% would describe the area as “peaceful”.

Which option do you think most appropriately describes Two Rivers?

When asking residents about the feel of the city, nearly 37% of participants felt Two Rivers emanated a “repurposed” vibe, followed by 34% who did not agree that any of the choices fit this location.

Additionally, 53% of respondents noted that they do not consider this town to be a “creative”, “hand-crafted”, “organic”, or “curated” area.

How likely are you to recommend Two Rivers, WI as a place to visit? 

Participants were clearly connected to their city and heavily advocated getting to know the area.

When asked if they would recommend visiting Two Rivers, 73% of respondents selected answers 8 and above, sharing that they would highly recommend visiting this area to others.

Ready to pack your bags? 58% of those surveyed highly recommend Two Rivers as a place to live. 

Businesses should also take note, with 53% of respondents considering this area as a highly recommended place for companies to invest in and set up shop.

What is your favorite thing about Two Rivers, WI?

Finally, across both the survey and on social media, individuals were asked to share their favorite thing about Two Rivers. While responses varied, an overwhelming majority of answers connected back to the sense of nostalgia, small-town community, waterfront location, and outdoor leisure activities.