Focus Groups and Winter Activities

Last week the CivicBrand team was back in Two Rivers to run a handful of focus groups and to capture additional footage of Two Rivers in winter and capture additional photos and video to round out the library of marketing content available to the city.

Home of the Ice Cream Sundae

We took a tour of the Washington House and enjoyed Ice Cream Sundaes. The history of Two Rivers plays a key role in the branding of the city and ensuring that we remain true to who we are and that even new things we create and do are done so in a timeless way.


We wanted to capture the outdoor activities that residents and visitors enjoy during the winter in Two Rivers. We stopped by Woodland Dunes and enjoyed snowshoeing across their many trails.

Hamilton Wood Type

We revisited Hamilton Wood Type to get some additional footage, photos and interviews. Hamilton is such an integral part of Two Rivers and provides a unique opportunity to weave its way into the brand going forward.

Focus Groups

The process for community branding is all about engagement and ensuring that we are truly telling the story of the community and that it fully reflects the goals, aspirations and history of the community.

During the process we have held public meetings, public surveys, as well as held multiple round tables and 1:1 interviews with individuals around the community. After working closely with the branding committee it was now time to circle back to those individuals we had spoken with to provide a sneak peek at the branding and messaging work and get their feedback.

We held two different focus groups with individuals from the community ranging from business owners to students, retirees, rotary club members and residents as well as a third focus group with city staff. The response and reactions to the process and the work was overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to finalize the last stage of implementation plan details so that we can begin rollout and put the brand to work for all residents.